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Because waxing is not enough...

Welcome to Show Car Shine. A provider of automotive and marine paint, protection and restoration services in the Greater Baton Rouge area. Giving your vehicle the beautiful look and shine it should have is our passion. If you've bought the new vehicle of your dreams, let us protect it with products and processes that are unbeatable. We guarantee it. Making your vehicle shine, increasing it's value, making it easier to clean, and more enjoyable to own is a service we love doing. Our premium services will give your vehicle a shine that'll make you smile and make cleaning it almost effortless, because keeping your vehicle looking great is our primary mission at Show Car Shine.. Also, if your boat or motor home looks dull and doesn't look as good as you think it should, give us a call at 225-572-7625 today and schedule an appointment. We'll take a look at it and tell you what we can do to bring back the shine. Remember at Show Car Shine, "If it doesn't shine, we didn't do it!"

Thank you for visiting our web site and we look forward to seeing you soon,
Derrick Wright, manager